Starting Our October Cruise

We left Hinckley Marina on 1st October, as our September mooring had come to an end.

We set off with a plan to be at Willow Wren Training for the 29th October. John has been booked into a day's training, the subject being 'marine engines'. Apparently they are configured differently from car/lorry engines.

Well tonight we are moored outside Willow Wren's Training Centre, and it's only the 19th!

We set off from our mooring by the "Two Boats" pub around 10AM (after a quick telephone call to Warwickshire Police - see previous post). Our plan was to ascend 10 locks; the Itchington Bottom Lock, the Shop Lock, and the 8 Stockton Flight locks. All locks were set by moi, and as a bonus they were all within easy walking distance, especially so the Stockton locks. When locks are close(ish) together, it's easier to walk than to manoeuvre getting on and getting off the boat. Sometime it's not always easy to get the boat close enough to the towpath, as the depth of water can be shallow at the canal's edge.

We took the locks at a leisurely pace, and before we knew it we were at Stockton Top Lock, the place where we started our 'Helmsman Course' at Willow Wren. It's novel for us to be on an area of the waterways that we are familiar with.

One of our tasks for the day was to procure; coal, wood, kindling, and firelighters, which was now getting desperate. We stopped at Kate's Boats to find they no longer sell coal, but we did pick up a pack of kindling, which are off cuts from their 'fit out workshop'. We were delighted though; as we were able to order a strip of ash trim, with a 45deg round 'corner' for our new Pullman dining area. Kate Boats will give us a call when it's ready. Estimated charge £10! Amazing!

Mental note: Must use Kate Boats again, their setup is immaculate!

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