Sunshine And Torrential Downpours

The weather’s been a trial today, torrential downpours intermittent with bright strong sunshine. We set off with the weather on our side, but it’s been touch and go all along.

We didn’t realise the Mikron Theatre Company was moored the other side of the bridge from us. We’ve not seen any of their plays, though I can remember the enthusiastic waves from the troop when we saw them on the Oxford last summer.

Moored boats, and a fishing competition that seemed to go on and on… slowed down our progress. At 5 bridges we had to tread water while boats got to the bridge hole first. Each of these obstacles was accompanied with a heavy downpour.

Passing under the ‘iconic’ bridge.

At Norbury Junction we topped up the diesel tank with 93 litres diesel @ 59p a litre. (While passing Turner’s Garage at Wheaton Aston, they were advertising diesel at 58.9p). Since we last topped up on the Leeds to Liverpool canal, we’ve travelled 115 miles.

Sorry Rusty but we had to go through a very small tunnel. I believe the tunnel should have been longer, but because the stone had a lot of flaws, bits of the tunnel kept collapsing. In the end the top of the tunnel was removed, leaving a ‘cutting’.


We’re now moored up at the bottom of Wheaton Lock.  We moored in torrential rain, though within five minutes the sun was shining once again.

Today we’ve travelled 10.5 miles, with no locks. WiFi is 15Mg, Digital TV signal good.

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