Trip To The Bottom Of Bosley Locks

On leaving Congleton Wharf, and passing over the Aqueduct, this turnover bridge was our first picture of the day. We’re still in awe of the history and skill of the Macclesfield Canal bridges.

Love the life sized, colourful, cow. Top half painted sky blue, bottom half ‘pasture’ green. I’m sure there’s an ‘arty message’ the cow is whispering, but I’m not hearing. Love it though!

Bridge #60 is almost pristine after nearly 200 years.

Every bridge should have a ‘Billy Goat Gruff’!

A mile marker ‘gravestone lookalike’. It’s now so old the wording has been weathered away, and it’s not easy to read by a passing boat.

Almost around every corner of the Macclesfield is a delight.

The ‘straight bits’ are a delight too!

Bridges old and new, all competing for space. Am I the only one thinking we’ve lost ‘something’?

Mrs Duck and her tiny brood.


Simply enchanting . . . . there must be fairies in these woods, surely!


Just managed to snap a glimpse through the trees of this magnificente structure as we sailed past.

We moored up just before the Bosley flight of locks, with glorious views, which we understand are the beginning of the Pennines.


We’re moored right next to the aqueduct over the River Dane. . .

. . . and almost at the foot of ‘The Cloud’.  Not a bad ‘temporary’ garden!

Rusty’s happy, he’s found himself a tasty ‘stick’! Well he ‘sort’ of found the stick; the stick was discarded by John, it appears we’ve been ‘pushing’ it along by the bow of Cyan for possibly miles.

Today we’ve done 0 locks, and 5.5 miles.

Tomorrow we’ll be climbing the 12 Bosley locks.