That’s Us Moored Up For The Weekend

Tesco delivered yesterday, which could have been a bit of a disaster seeing I hadn’t noticed new gas pipes were being installed outside the front of the Anchor Inn, and the temporary traffic lights made it impossible for the Tesco delivery van to park near Cyan. The driver was so obliging, parking across the road from the Inn; he made three trips with his barrow to bring 13 crates of shopping to Cyan. Every Tesco delivery driver we’ve had has been so helpful. Top marks Tesco! Hope the delivery will last us the month, baring shopping for fresh fruit/veg, milk, bread and eggs as we travel along.

Despite having a full boat of food, we kept our date with the Anchor Inn for two steak lunches. While waiting for lunch John was taken down the cellar to see the stalactites (growing down) and the stalagmites (growing up). Fascinating stuff, and if you’re in the area, I’m sure the Inn’s staff would be pleased to show you too.

Couldn’t help but snap the old picture of the Anchor Inn that was framed on the wall. The picture is (probably) of 3 generations who owned/lived/worked at the Inn.

Tried to decipher the sign:  Anchor Inn – William Wid??? – Licensed Vituallar – of Foreign & British Spirits – Ale Porter & Tobacco

The blue-green algae has been a bit of a worry, we’re no experts of course, but it looked like Cyan was surrounded with the stuff. Rusty can be a little excited getting off and on the boat, several times he’s jumped off when he wasn’t supposed to and ended up in the water. If he tried one of his ‘tricks’ here, it could be the end of him!

We’ve also noticed quite a few dead fish in the water. When John mentioned the dead fish to a fisherman, he explained the fish probably died because they are now spawning. Apparently fish spawn among reeds and roots on the canal edge, the vigorous process of spawning results in damage to the fish, leaving an open wound for infections to kill them. Or…. could it be the green-blue algae that is killing them? We’ve probably seen about half a dozen largish dead fish, even though we haven’t really been looking for them.

We’ve tried to take a pic of the algae, and you can just about see it. It appears similar to an oil slick on the surface of the water.

On the towpath, under Salterforth Bridge by the Anchor Inn, we snapped this plaque explaining how the wooded rollers (mentioned in our previous post) worked.

I’ve deciphered the painted wording, copy typing it below:

When the canal turned a sharp bend, as at Salterforth, it was difficult for horse-drawn boat to steer, and the tow rope would pull the boat into the bank instead of around the corner. To stop this from happening, vertical rollers were fitted to upright wooden posts, the tow rope passing across the rollers and keeping the pull on the boat such that it was not a problem for the boatman steering the boat.

Tow lines would rub against the bridge arch after horse had passed underneath. This caused grooves to be worn into the stonework. Vertical wooden rollers were fitted to most bridges to stop such wear. The iron bearings for the wooded rollers guard irons often survive, though most of the rollers have now disappeared. Here they have been renewed.

This morning we set off for a two mile cruise to Foulridge Wharf, where we’re now moored on the 72 hour mooring. We’re right next to the services, rubbish and water. So when we leave here on Monday to go through the mile long Foulridge Tunnel, Cyan will be well prepared for our continued journey.  We’ve taken to being attached to the bank at weekends, leaving the canal to hire boats and weekend boaters. Plus, this weekend I believe is a F1 Silverstone weekend, Wimbledon finals and the second test against South Africa! (note from John; there is also the 6 hr endurance sports car race at Nuerburgring.)

Here’s a few snaps from our journey, including ‘evidence’ that we’re now crossed into Lancashire from Yorkshire.

County Border – Lancashire Yorkshire

Here’s us moored up till Monday – we’ve a lot to explore.

Our view from the back of Cyan

Today we’ve done just over 2 miles, no locks, fair digital TV, 12 Mg of WiFi.

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