The Audlem Climb

We knew it was going to be a day of locks as going through Audlem’s on today’s agenda. But first off we’ve the two Hack Green locks to climb.

Once through we’re met with this sign:

Last time we passed the sign we thought it was an oxymoron, how can a ‘secret’ be advertised? If that mad man in North Korea was ever to press ‘the button’ wonder how many would make for this bunker?

In the distance we saw C&RT staff being very busy mending a breach. Talking of the C&RT, I see the winter stoppages are now published on their website of places/dates to avoid this winter.

There wasn’t much room to pass…:

… made worse due to a moored boat.

The sky continued to be ‘heavy’.

We saw this humongous gaggle of geese near Overwater Marina. We saw them here around April/May time and wondered then what’s the attraction? The pic shows less than 10% of them.

It’s not a good picture because I couldn’t get the camera out quick enough, probably because we were too busy laughing. The narrowboat is pulling a butty, which is pulling a ‘pea green’ boat, complete with an owl and a pussy cat!

Love to see history being cared for, these cast iron guards used to protect bricks from the wear and tear of horse ropes, have been carefully painted for prosperity.

Eventually we came to the bottom of the Audlem flight. The first 3 locks had to be set, as did the last three locks, but the 9 locks in the middle were manic. Even a lockie who was helping an elderly couple (the lady was not well at all) and their boat down the locks said he’d never seen it so manic. It was great really, as it was more or less one boat up and one down for the 9 locks. But why does it turn out to be busy in the middle of the flight? Why not at the beginning and the end? It defies logic.

The wind was quite sharp too today, which made cruising ‘interesting’, especially when there’s a by-wash to contend with. Several times a descending boat would come out of a lock, knowing we’d just ascended and would soon be coming out of our lock within minutes. Why don’t they just stay ‘safely’ in the lock, until we are ready to leave ours? Both boats could then pass each other in the pound, instead of the boater trying to control their boat in the pound while waiting for us to come out of the lock. Still, I’m sure we’ve done many things that look illogical to other boaters.

There’s a sort of method to my madness in doing the locks today; now that’s Cyan’s new paintwork has been scratched in several places (it can’t be helped when going through locks), if a scratch gets noticed when I’m at the helm, who could say who did it? Glad I’m not the one who scratched Cyan first ha ha…

We moored just before the rain fell down! We were lucky it held off for us today. We’re at the bottom of the Adderley flight of 5 locks. I’m glad we decided to moor here, as I’ve read there’s a noisy ghost above the locks, the ghost apparently shrieks at boaters, causing them to rush through the cutting. I’m a martyr to my imagination, and I really don’t want to ‘encourage’ it!

Today we’ve travelled 8 miles, and 17 locks. WiFi is 20Mg, Digital TV is rubbish. Postcode is TF9 3TJ.

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