The Beast From The East Is Dead!

Now I’ve some idea how Noah felt when he sent out his doves looking for evidence the ‘weather front’ was over!

At 6:30 this morning I got really excited when I saw the puddle of water on the canal. Has the thaw set in?

Then I checked the Met Office website…….Yes! 🙂

Now to plan our ‘escape’!

We’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll be able to move on Tuesday, because Tuesday is when desperation sets in; this morning we changed to our 3rd and LAST Elsan cassette!

Water is now on ‘ration’; washing up just twice a day, no laundry, and I’m afraid no showers – just strip washes and ‘wet wipes’. (God…. PLEASE let the thaw be quick!)

Food and drink…. we’ve plenty of.

When we ‘escape’ our plan is to wind at ‘Grove Lock Arm’, just a mile ahead, cruise back to the sanny station (which is presently just behind us), complete our chores, including filling the water tank, wind Cyan at the sanny, reverse under the bridge, and onto the Tesco shop moorings. (John; Jen’ loves to issue challenges to my boat handling skills!)

Hopefully while we’re ‘faffing’ we’ll cross paths with Jules Fuels who are presently icebound on the Tesco moorings. Jules Fuels I wouldn’t think would move if there’s too much ice. We heard (from another boater) they did venture through the ice a few years ago while they were under pressure from boaters who needed fuel. Unfortunately the ice popped one of Towcester’s rivets, causing the vintage boat to spout a pretty bad leak! These fuel boat boaters are absolute diamonds!

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