The Bingley Flights

We moored for the night at the bottom of Bingley Three Rise locks, and at the foot of the ‘Damart’ factory.

It’s great that the Bingley locks are manned by Lockies. The first boats are scheduled through the locks at 8:00 a.m. and the last boats at 5:00 p.m. John took the opportunity to visit the lockies while taking Rusty for an early walk. He returned saying we were one of the first two to go up the locks, just as soon as four boats had come down.

The pic shows us entering the lock, side by side with a hire boat. The locks are huge, and the water can be violent. I was worried, wondering if my plants would be swept off the bow.


The glorious views over Bingley were looking very promising as we rose higher.

At the top of the Bingley Three Rise we had a short cruise to Bingley Five Rise.

Watching the Lockies working the locks is like watching professional dancers, playing out their routine. One Lockie in particular was amazing, his name was Mark, and he was watching constantly for any possible problems.

The Five Rise was open in March 1774, with a crowd of over 30,000 people turning out to celebrate the opening, that’s a lot of Gongoozlers!. The ‘rise’ is almost 60ft, in just over 300ft.

The Three Rise raises the canal 30ft, and was opened at the same time as the Five Rise.

In the pic below, taking the Damart chimney as reference, you’ll appreciate how high Cyan has risen.

Eventually we were at the top of the locks. The place was buzzing with a cafe and lots of modern Gongoozlers. We temporarily moored outside the cafe for Cyan to take on board water, and for us to have an ice cream!


Just a short trip down the canal, we topped up with 100 litres of diesel.

After three swing bridges we moored up by the Marquis of Granby PH.

We’ve navigated 3 miles, 1 three rise locks, 1 five rise lock, 3 swing bridges.

WiFi was good at 15meg


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