The Weather’s A Gift Today

What a glorious day it’s been today weather wise, and also cruising wise. The towpath was frozen when we started off, though there didn’t appear to be signs of any frost, or ice on the canal.

A share-boat had moored next to us yesterday afternoon for the night, and as ‘the cosmic joker’ would have it, we were both ready at the same time this morning to descend the remaining 6 Buckby Locks. The timing couldn’t have been planned better. It’s so much easier to double up in the locks, to share the ‘work’. The gates on the Grand Union are very heavy. Sue and Keith couldn’t have been better company. With teamwork, we were all soon at the bottom of the flight. Due to us being busy, we never had the time for taking photos going through the locks; not until we reached the bottom lock.

We wished our fellow travellers a pleasant journey, and good luck, as we pulled onto the wharf at Wilton Marina. John wanted to top up with diesel thinking we’d need about 75 litres. He was pleasantly surprised when the tank was brimmed with only 28 litres. It’s been very cold, and we’d used the diesel boiler (for the central heating) quite a bit since we topped up at Wigrams.

The tree behind us looks like it’s getting ready to blossom! 🙂

Some very clever and kind person has made a lovely floating duck island. The ‘island’ is tethered onto the armco.

From leaving Wilton Marina’s wharf, we journeyed through some lovely areas. Despite the full sunshine, it was really cold cruising alongside the woods (the pictures below are not in any order).

The canal is in the middle between the ‘London Midland Train Line’, and…

…the ‘M1 Motorway’.

There’s a huge bridge (A45 link road rail and canal bridge crossing) in the process of being built at Weedon Bec. The canal is closed for work to be done on the bridge during the night so canal navigation during the day isn’t stopped – see more information.

For anyone that’s interested, here’s youtube from drone footage of the works:

We passed some really interesting boats today. It’s also nice to see more boaters pootling about.

Some ‘strange characters’ in these parts! This one gave us a fright just as we ‘came out’ from under a bridge. This poor chap’s hugging his little white dog, he’s got a bottle of ‘pop’ on the bench next to him, and he looks like he’s taking a rest from chopping wood. Whatever he’s drinking; it’s not doing him any good at all!

Can’t help but wonder if this old, yet well built farm building, once sheltered the hardworking barge horses.

Eventually we managed to moor by Stowe Hill Bridge #26.

Today we’ve travelled through 6 locks, and just over 5 miles.

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