There And Back!

Returning from our traipse to the Royal Mail’s customer office again (more of our ‘sob story’ later), I was in a flat panic because I couldn’t find the keys to Cyan! For several horrible, heart stopping minutes, I thought I’d dropped them somewhere. When we got back, there they were, in full view for everyone to see, sitting on top of the hatch! Luckily, no harm done!

After a strong coffee, and several phone calls later, we slipped Cyan’s mooring, and cruised towards Grove Lock Arm where we could wind (turn) Cyan. Passing our neighbour of several days, John did his Mel Gibson impression, and yelled ‘FREEDOM’ while pumping the air with his fists. Must admit, it did feel like we’re now unshackled and free!

Breath in…

We were soon at our ‘winding destination’, at the bottom of Grove Lock. We hope to be going through Grove Lock before the weekend, as we’ve arranged to stay in Grove Lock Marina for several days, which is at the top of the lock, while we renew Cyan’s batteries.

What a handy ‘Guest Suite’ extension!

On the way to the sanny station, and Tesco’s mooring, we met Jules Fuels! Shouting across the ‘bows’, we asked if they were winding… “No, we’re heading South”.

We’ve got three bags of coal left, perhaps we’ll just buy the odd one or two bags from now on as the weather (surprisingly) is now mild, and we don’t want to lug bags of coal around with us during the Summer months. It’s tricky… 🙂 If we need more bags, I’m sure we’ll catch them on their return.

Such is life; when we got to the sanny station, there was already another boat filling up with water.

John took the chance to wind Cyan again, and held her across the canal from the sanny station, and waited while the other boat’s water tank filled, and we waited, and waited.  I guess it’s payback time, for all the times other’s have had to wait for our tank to fill.

While we waited, a lady who’s the sanny station cleaner arrived. Unfortunately she couldn’t complete her task because there was no water; there was a burst water pipe somewhere! Luckily there is water through the water point. The lady said she’d report the problem. I can only imagine how busy C&RT are since the ‘thaw’.

It was soon our turn to fill our water tank, and we did the best we could re 3 Elsan cassettes!

John managed quite well to reverse Cyan through the bridge, and temporarily moor her on the Tesco moorings. He was a bit concerned about a swan and a goose who looked to be ‘friends’. They were having a great time playing, and exercising their wings (they weren’t fighting). Several times the two flew under the bridge, after much squawking and flapping to achieve take-off speed…….. just like crazy Spitfire pilots!

While I was having a very enjoyable shop in Tesco, gathering lots of inspiration (We’re starting a Low-Carb/High-Fat (LCHF) diet.) John sat on Cyan’s stern in the sunshine, watching the world go by, including the rats!

It amuses me that luxury yachts have such things as ‘rodent mooring guards’, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a narrowboat. I guess they are easy enough to make. It would be awful to have one of these little horrors aboard a boat.


We just about managed to snap a monkjack.

We’ve now returned to where we’ve been moored.

C&RT have announced changes to boat licensing see their webpage here….

Regarding our letter containing re-issued credit cards, which should have had Post Restante written on the envelope. Here is the letter, pics taken by John while he was in the Royal Mail’s customer office (John never got to touch it).

… and that’s as close as we got to it. They wouldn’t issue it to us. Apparently it’s got to go back to sender! We’ve also noted it looks to have been opened. No big deal, John’s sister will receive it again, hopefully Grove Lock Marina will allow John’s sister to use their address.

4 thoughts on “There And Back!

  1. Hi Jen n John

    Pleased to hear ice all gone and things getting back to normal apart from the mail saga.

    I had my own key saga a week ago – the plane was about to leave the stand at Brum airport when I realised I had left my Spanish house keys at my sister’s house. Cue frantic phone messaging asking a neighbour if she would be about when I got back. It’s a good job I had forgotten to collect those keys from her. I had to then wait until landed to see her response. All ok in the end! And a couple of days ago managed to leave the house without my handbag….so no money, no id, no phone!

    Going mad…..Aly x

    • Hi Aly, it’s a horrible feeling isn’t it. Can’t begin to imagine how you’d have broken into your house in Spain!

      I’ve really got to remember these days to stop and think! Senior moments appear to be coming fast and furious these days lol.

  2. What a pain with your cards. Last year I had a to do getting a new card from my bank. First of all it didn’t arrive at my brothers, then I got new cards sent to a branch for me to pick up, but I couldn’t pick them up without the new pin that they’d sent out, which also hadn’t arrived at my brothers. Turns out the bank had a glitch which didn’t show up in branch, so everything was going to our house in Scarborough where we had bad tenants at the time. It took quite a bit to solve the situation.
    We’ve been lucky a couple of times with Post Restante when it has been sent by a courier or not address fully. We now double check everything before it is sent. Hope you get it sorted soon. Pip

    • Yes, it’s a very bizarre situation we found ourselves. I know we made a mistake, but we did our best to rectify it. Regarding your problems with your bank, ‘good customer support’ is essential. Jen

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