Time to Fix the Stove.

Summer maintenance of the multi fuel stove is a task most boat owners put off, like me, until the last minute.

The flue was swept on an earlier sunny day so it remained to replace the firebricks and the broken glass in the door.

The door glass accidentally cracked, to be fair the glass was due for replacement as it had started to look like crazy paving which is a sign that the glass could shatter at some point. The bricks were worn and cracked and replacements were purchased end of April, from a canal side chandlers at the Middlewich/Trent & Mersey junction.

I enquired about a replacement glass and was staggered to find locally a small piece of glass  priced at almost £40.00!

Boaters who C.C. understand the problems related to goods shipped to an address when cruising the network! I spoke with the staff at Skipton Post Office and confirmed I could have a package delivered to the Post Office for colection.

During yesterday morning I sourced a replacement glass from fastglassdirect.co.uk  in Aberdeen, at half the local price with free 1st class postage. A user friendly website,  easily identified the glass for our stove and placed my order. Gave Fast Glass the address and waited….

This morning a mobile call from Skipton P.O confirmed the package was with them!  Ordered at 1.20pm from Aberdeen and delivered to Skipton by 11.00am the following morning………..Well done the Post Office! Well done Fast Glass Direct!

While the rain *issed down this afternoon the glass and fire bricks were installed, …..out of the rain a little sunshine..etc..job done! (I will give the stove a clean tomorrow)


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