Today The Weather Decided To Shine

Yesterday was pretty miserable ‘weather wise’, the wind was blustery and cold. After the overnight rain; dust, flies, and pollen had been ‘dampened down’; making it a perfect day for varnishing. Cyan’s cratch cover was removed, and the cratch was stripped of it’s contents, including flooring, using the towpath for temporary storage. John removed the ‘brass furniture’ from the two front doors. I set too sanding down the cratch’s ‘A’ frame, and the two front doors. The wood was then ‘yacht’ varnished. It didn’t take long before the varnish had dried enough to put the newly scrubbed cratch cover back, and the towpath relieved of its ‘storage’. John screwed the polished brass fittings back in place, and I re-hung the roman blinds.

The blinds are made from the same material as the other window curtains, and I cursed myself when I discovered the material was ‘dry clean only’. It would cost quite a bit of money to get them dry cleaned, plus it would be very inconvenient, so it would be great if I could wash them. It was by a strange coincidence that we shared several locks on the Grand Union with a boat which had the same curtains. After chatting to the boaters about the dry cleaning problem, the lady boater told me she had made a mistake by washing them, resulting in the curtain dye running, turning the lining pink. She rewashed them, putting a couple sheets of ‘Dylon Colour Catcher’ in the washing machine, with a successful result. Our roman blind was washed at 30C, with two sheets of the ‘Colour Catcher’; success!  Enough of the domestics….

We left our mooring early this morning, the weather was once again glorious.

The hedgerows are full of white blossom, reminds me  ‘Anne of Green Gables’, a favourite child’s book about a red-headed orphan girl who used to rename places. She named an avenue of white blossom “The White Way of Delight!” Very fitting!

Me and Cyan, ‘popping’ up in Sommerton Deep Lock, at 12ft it’s the deepest lock on the Oxford, and one of the deepest in the UK.

Rather a scary few moments as we sailed under the lift bridge (it’s kept raised), the heavy beef cattle were rubbing themselves on the bridge, The bridge is counter-balanced, and we held our breath as we cruised under it hoping the cattle wouldn’t ‘drop’ the bridge.

Today we travelled 7 miles, and through 4 locks.

2 thoughts on “Today The Weather Decided To Shine

  1. It’s mainly when curtains and blinds are lined in cotton. We, as well as other curtain makers, always put dry clean only on our custom made curtains and blinds just to cover ourselves but with care most can be washed. If the lining should shrink and the curtain fabric stays the same you could always just loosen the lining.

    You might be quite interested in a blog post from some time ago when I was at Chisnell Lift Bridge that you took a pic of… The one after the cow one..

    • Thanks for replying Sue. I have previously ruined a blind by washing, it could be that I didn’t take enough care though. This time I made sure the temperature was no higher than 30C. There’s a ‘red’ leaf in the pattern, and it’s this red that leaks dye everywhere, and not just on the lining. The one I ruined also shrunk. The material is slightly ’embossed’ and this time, while the blind was still wet. I got John to help me pull it, stretching the material, and that appeared to work.

      Thanks for the link, what an amazing friend Lucy was! She was certainly in tune with you – the problem with dogs is that they are ‘heart breakers’! What a lovely memory. Funny you should mention Sommerton Deep Lock, John remembered you taking a picture of the lock – his actual words were “got to get a picture of this lock, it’s iconic, Sue took a picture here”. We thought Aynho Weir Lock was a challenge, don’t think we’d have liked to go through that in much higher water. Jen

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