Today’s Three Mile Cruise

Wasn’t too sure whether we’d leave our ‘spot’ today. The weather doesn’t appear settled, but as we felt in a rather ‘exposed’ mooring, we took a chance during an anticipated sunny hour to move further down the Grand Union.

We’ve now moored just 3 miles away. We’re nicely nestled under a hedge, with the 3 solar panels fully exposed, and ready to catch any solar rays.

Running practically parallel to the Grand Union is the railway line. The noise of the train doesn’t really bother us when we’re tucked up inside Cyan, we can hardly hear trains whizz by. One of the advantages of being near a railway line is the WiFi – there’s nearly always a good WiFi signal.

In the picture below, spot the ‘camouflaged’ WiFi tower.

By the area where we were moored last night is a magnificent badger set. Considering the interest Rusty paid, I’d say the set’s occupied. He was only allowed a quick ‘sniff’, I would expect a large bill from a vet to treat Rusty, should Mr Brock take offence!

We cruised past two marinas; Heyford Fields, and Bugbrooke.

We’re now moored by Banbury Lane Bridge #43. We could be here for the weekend, depending on the weather of course.

Today we’ve cruised 3 miles in cold windy weather.

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