Top Of Denham Deep Lock

As mentioned, we’re biding our time until the Thames is safely navigable. We found a lovely spot to spend a few days, it’s at the top of Denham Deep Lock, alongside a wooded area with pathways crisscrossing woodland, which is great for Rusty.

We’re also within easy walking distance of ‘London’s Biggest, Busiest, and Best’ car boot sale. The bad news is that the car boot’s been cancelled today! 🙁

We’ll be spending our time preparing to go on the Thames, the first thing we’ve to do is dig out our anchor; it’s been well buried under the bow. John also wants to give the engine an oil change.

Today we’ve travelled 1.5 miles.

2 thoughts on “Top Of Denham Deep Lock

  1. A tip we got from Sue on No Problem. Check your prop is clear before you enter the Thames. She didn’t and had some rubbish wrapped round the prop and struggled to reach Teddington before the current turned.

    • Thanks Steve. Yes, what a coincidence you were moored in the same spot exactly one year ago at the top of Black Jack’s lock. There’s a lot of water around at the moment here. Thanks for the head’s up about the clearing the prop, what a nightmare Sue must have had. I’m sure as we go through Brentford we’ll pick up something. Jen

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