Treading Water Due To C&RT Closures

Shortly after planning and setting off on our journey from Trinity Marina on the Ashby Canal, around the 12th February, we thought it best to check up on the Canal & Riverside Trust’s website, in case of stoppages. Slightly disheartened we discovered that Glascote Locks were closed for repairs, and wouldn’t be open until 10th March. Plus further on with our journey, Tixall Locks would also be closed until 25th March.

This meant we had to ‘slow down’ and take our time.  We had to elongate 5 day’s travel to Glascote Locks, into 25 days!  We had nothing to rush around for, so we took our time.  Spending several nights in places where we’d probably do an overnight.

On the night of 18th and 19th February, we stayed in the area where Queen Boadicea had her last battle with the Romans.


Moving slowly on through 11 Atherstone locks.


Filling up with water at Atherstone Top Lock


Rust found a friend called ‘Coco’ at Atherstone Bottom Lock

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