Twelve Locks Of Bosley

Took a stroll with Rusty last evening to see the first Bosley lock (lock #12) of today’s cruise. What an idyllic evening!


It was difficult getting away from our mooring this morning, another boat had moored very close, using the same mooring ring. The boat being so close wasn’t a problem, but it was the strong wind that gave us a headache as it kept pushing us back into the mooring. Finally after several attempts we managed to pull away without nudging the neighbouring boat.

We were facing the prospect of ‘climbing’ the flight of 12 Bosley Locks, the sun was glorious, but the wind was really cheeky! The 12 locks will raise Cyan over 500 ft above sea level.


The Macclesfield Canal is the most beautiful canal we’ve so far seen, and we’ve made a promise we’ll be returning many times.


John volunteered to do the locking, which left me battling Cyan against the elements. It was tough keeping Cyan away from the bank, though the wind did its best to ground us.


I loved coming up in the locks, because you never know what scene awaits you. Could this scenery be even better?


The locks are built with large blocks of stone, each one precision cut, and dressed. I can imagine these locks being serviceable for the next 500 years. I read the stone was quarried at a quarry near to the bottom lock, and hauled by tram to each lock. In the 1950s the quarry was flooded into a reservoir, and all traces of the tram has since been removed.


Once at the last (top lock #1) we dumped our rubbish at the service centre, and topped up with water.

We’re now moored for the night at Crow Holt Bridge (#52). The designated moorings nearer to the top lock were all occupied, and as the wind appeared to be getting stronger, we took advantage of some armco, and moored up.

John was Rusty’s best friend, due to the fact he brought Rusty’s latest ‘special’ stick with us.

Today we’ve done 12 locks, and (almost) 2 miles. 35 Mg of WiFi is great! Digital TV is humming!

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