Two Marinas In One Day

Yesterday, seeing that we had a great mooring (48 hours) we decided to have the ‘day off’. Our mooring was at the far end of the jetty, we weren’t disturbing anyone, and no one disturbed us; it was a lovely day for a BBQ!

It wasn’t all a lazy day as John spent an hour doing a bit of maintenance to Cyan, changing her oil, and making sure everything that should be ‘topped up’, was ‘topped up’. I had a lesson in changing the oil, with the comment that next time it’ll be my turn to change it! Now that’s a scary thought!

It was a lovely day though, watching the cormorants ducking and diving, the baby coots busily pecking at the insects floating on top of the water. It was such a pleasure to watch the swan with her seven cygnets sail past several times. The water is so clear on the Nene, we can even watch fish swimming around.

At the day’s end we had a downpour just before bedtime, though we got a ‘blessing’ that finer weather was to come.

This morning we backed out of our mooring…

… and we entered through Western Barrage Gate towards Western Favell Lock

At the lock we were met by some very friendly horses, though sadly Rusty didn’t think much of them!

Just after Billing Lock, and before the bridge, we turned left to enter Billing Marina. We couldn’t see any direction signs, so we tentatively ventured through the narrow passage. I was sent to the bow in the hope of giving John clues where to steer Cyan. Unfortunately we got a bit too near to the ‘Mill’ and got stuck in silt from the old mill race. The pole was used to push Cyan off the bank, except the pole went straight through the silt.

Eventually we managed to work our way off the silt, and we sailed into Billing Marina. We topped up the diesel tank (80p/124p per litre), which was about 50 litres, used the Elsan point which was ‘over the road’, and was free. We also dumped off a couple bags of rubbish.

Finding a mooring looked  impossible; White Mills Marina came into view, and as it was getting on for 4, it was an easy decision to pop into the marina for the night.

Today we’ve travelled almost 5 miles, and 5 locks.

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