Visiting Braunston

Yesterday we were going to have a lazy sort of day; even though I’d planned to sew cushion covers to match the pullman.  With the material cut out, I soon discovered the piping I bought in Warwick just wasn’t thick enough.  So we decided to cast-off and visit ‘Tradline’, the iconic shop in Braunston Marina for ropes, and fenders.  We also wanted to get more information about the art of splicing ropes, and perhaps they would even have some thin rope that would be suitable for piping upholstery!

So, with the fire ‘toned down’ we set off for Braunston… passing bridges which are full of history and character; which is quite the norm for bridges on our canal system.
6This bridge is what is termed a ‘turn-around’ bridge it’s where the horses that towed working boats, would cross over to the towpath on the other side of the canal. These bridges have been in active use for hundreds of years!

The picture below is for especially for Auntie Peggy!  When John visited the UK, he used to take Peggy out for a lunchtime meal, One of their favourite places was ‘The Boathouse’ where John would salivate, not so much over the food, but over the boats on the canal.  John would admit he was really chuffed to be passing ‘The Boat’ (as he and Peggy called the pub), in his own narrowboat!

13Where two canals meet!  This picture shows the equivalent of a ‘T junction’ on a road.  Left is the Oxford Canal, and taking the right turn continues along the Grand Union Canal.
We turned right, and onto to Braunston.  As I mentioned in another post, Braunston appears to be the ‘heart’ of the canal system.
We popped into Tradline, and met the two owners who were truly delightful.  We bought a new clip for Rusty’s lead, a reel of narrow rope for piping, and a kit for splicing ropes.  A free metre of rope was thrown in to practice splicing, this piece of rope has three strands, each with a different colour to help learn the art.

Here’s my umpteenth attempt!  Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder!  I’ve been told that I can now do something that 95+% of boaters can’t do!

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