Waking Up In A Cold Boat

Did we missed the fire this morning! We let the fire go out yesterday so we could re-position the baffle that fell down in the stove after a bit of a hard bump Cyan received while manoeuvring around an obstacle.

After starting up the central heating boiler, it was hardly worth going back to bed, so consequently we had an early start to the day. The weather looked promising, hardly a breath of breeze, a very welcome change.

This morning we cruised to our planned spot, which was just before Springwood Haven Marina. Passing the tree I mentioned in an earlier post, that’s full of catkins. This time the camera was to hand so I could capture the sight:

Just love the thought that maybe, just maybe, nature is starting to stir.

It was also good to feel a bit of warmth from the sun on our backs for a change.

But the best bit of the day; was hearing a thrush singing his very best song from a branch next to the Coventry. In fact there were quite a few birds singing, probably they’re delighted to be out and about after hiding from the fierce winds we’ve recently experienced.

We had a short break from our cruise while I popped into Sainsburys for some fresh milk, bread and a packet of disposable baby’s nappies. Think I’d better clarify what the nappies are for ๐Ÿ™‚ , John requested the nappies for the purpose of mopping up any spilt oil from the oil change he’s about to do. He’s now got enough ‘nappies’ to last him for umpteen oil changes, over several years!

We were concerned with a large amount of diesel on a part of the canal. Concern started to be further aroused after we passed a moored boat that was listing rather badly, it looked like there were no sign of life on board, though there were bags of coal on the roof. Beyond this boat, there were also a lot of diesel spillage in the water. (A quick email was sent to CRT to put my mind at rest, so now it’s up to CRT to decide whether it’s ‘something or nothing’.)

We moored just in time before a sharp shower of rain. After a cup of coffee, and a couple of freshly bought donuts, we set too to sort out the stove. I stayed inside Cyan, removing the baffle, and fire bricks, before I wrapped the stove with an old towel to keep any soot/dust inside the stove. John was outside in the rain, giving the flue and the chimney a good brushing (no more than a 10 minute job). After a good cleanup, inside and outside of Cyan, the stove once again has a roaring fire!

While in the ‘mood’ John mended the eco fan; he managed to banish the infuriating ‘tick tick tick’ as the blades spin round.

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  1. Instead of nappies why not have a look at Huggies Bed Mats or I think Pampers do the same. They are flat and really do soak up anything.

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