Waving ‘So Long’ To Ely

We were the last to leave the GA moorings Tuesday. Gosh was the weather hot!

We cruised as far as Twenty Pence Marina, and decided to turn around and cruise back along the Ouse, and onto Ely.

A lonely tree – think we’re really missing the trees

We were in need of a larger collapsible table for outside use. While John was on the tiller, I popped downstairs to to order one online from Argos. I chose one that looked ‘just the thing’, and at 60cm width, it would fit perfectly under the Pulman’s floor when ‘the season’ ends.

As soon as we arrived in Ely, we got a message from Argos saying our purchase was ready to collect from Sainsburys. We thought that was pretty good service.

We moored practically next to the services, though I was rather worried in case we’d over stayed our allotted time in Ely. In the two other times we were moored in Ely, we didn’t over stay the 48 hours allowed, but I wasn’t sure if there was a stipulation on how long we had to stay away before we could return to the mooring.  I needn’t have worried; John read the notice asking boaters not to return for 48 hours. Phew, we were legal after-all!

We were ready to leave early yesterday morning, but just as we were untying Cyan’s mooring ropes, a wide beam passed us beating us to the services. They could see we were holding Cyan’s lines, obviously waiting to go onto the service moorings. When the boaters  of the widebeam was waiting to fill his water tank, he walked towards us. My first words to him was that we were in no hurry, so not to feel harassed. Think he felt relieved, though he did ‘stake a claim’ to our moorings. He was as anxious as we were that a boat didn’t come along and take the mooring just after we’d left, while we were anxious that a boat didn’t arrive and beat us once again to the services.  See how stressful life can be on the water 😉

After Elsan services, water tank filled, and rubbish dumped, we set off; mooring just before Brandon Creek. We had another bbq, and stayed outside in the pleasant evening air for as long as we could.

We rose quite late this morning, after both of us didn’t sleep very well. By the time we’d had breakfast, and showered, it was 11:30 am. Neither of us were feeling enthusiastic due to the heat to do anything today, so we stayed put. We did phone the lock keeper at Denver Sluice though, and we’re booked for a passage through the sluice at 9:00 am on Saturday.

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