We’re Fitted Out And Ready To Go!

We’ve been ‘productive’ whilst spending our time in Grove Lock Marina, I’ve lost count how many wash cycles I’ve put our washing machine through, I’ve even gone around ‘looking’ for things to wash! It’s been brilliant to have copious amounts of water and electricity after having water on ‘ration’ during the freeze, and having trouble with our batteries.

We were ready for Ed Bowden the electrical engineer, who arrived promptly to fit our new batteries, despite the foul weather.

Initially Ed had a quick assessment of our system, and he discovered a few problems:

  • Power generated from our 3 solar panels was only being fed into 3 of our batteries! Meaning we’ve only been getting productivity from the panels into 3 of the 4 batteries..
  • The batteries were wired incorrectly using excessive and intermediate connections
  • Loose battery terminal connections.

Our last batteries were fitted by a marina, it was the same marina who installed the three panels.

Ed was with us for ‘two and half’ hours, and John tried to glean as much information from him as he could. Ed wired up the new units, and then checked our power generation/control to confirm all was well aboard Cyan. Our new units now function as one ‘battery’, clearly demonstrated in the image below.

We’ve been advised, while we’re on shoreline power, to keep the batteries on trickle charge for about 24 hours, just to make sure they are fully charged and ready to go.

4 Brand new 100 a/h AGM units with 5 year warranty….nice!

Now we are looking forward to being free again after being trapped in ice, and waiting to have our batteries installed. We’ll be back in the groove, or in the swim, tomorrow afternoon after Tesco has delivered, we have topped up with diesel, and picked up a couple of bags of smokeless.

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