We’re Surrounded By Liquid Water!

Woke this morning to find the Grand Union was now navigable. We could have moved, but thought tomorrow would be even better. At this moment of writing, it’s raining heavily, and the rain is washing away any remaining ice.

It was a real treat to witness the birds singing again, and to watch the squirrels perform their antics in the trees opposite. We had plenty of traffic passing us, ducks, geese, and swans, but not one boat!

We even had a visitor land on us! It’s a cock pheasant who’s living/hiding in a rough area of land next to where we’re moored. The land is between the River Ouzel and the canal. Don’t know what the pheasant was thinking he’ll achieve by walking on our gunnel, perhaps there was some bread I’d thrown out of the window for the ducks, and some crumbs didn’t make the canal. We heard a thud against our boat, and was delighted to see the ‘pleasant pheasant’.

The saga to collect ‘the’ letter from Leighton Buzzard Post Office continues; I won’t bore you with details, just a ‘timeline’ if anyone’s interested.

Wednesday, 28th February, John’s sister posted a letter for us, it went 1st Class Recorded Delivery

Allowing for the difficult weather conditions……..we waited until…..

Friday, 2nd March, walked over a mile to the Post Office in snow and ice. Letter hadn’t arrived, Cashier promised to call us when it arrived (no phone call)

Monday, 5th March, walked back to the Post Office, said Cashier was having a day off, another Cashier (number 7 please) said the letter had been returned this morning to the ‘Royal Mail’ because it was ‘incorrectly addressed’, apparently it didn’t have ‘Post Restante’ written on it.  John then traipsed to the ‘Royal Mail Customer Centre and Sorting Office’, spoke to a man who was more concerned with John getting Post Office, muddled up with Royal Mail… I’ll not elaborate. Apparently the van who picked up the letter wouldn’t be back to the ‘yard’ until perhaps 4:00 pm as he would have 3 days mail to handle on his round. The time the Royal Mail office closes is 4:00 pm!

We’ll try again tomorrow! As John said “Why is the Royal Mail being difficult, when with a little more effort they could become ******* impossible!”).

Don’t know if it’s us getting old, but surely do we need to know, or are expected to understand, how everything works?

2 thoughts on “We’re Surrounded By Liquid Water!

  1. Hi both, in our experience of using post restante, it was always advisable to contact the post office to which you want your letter to be delivered to to check that they will accept the mail. We’ve found over the last 10 years that many post offices have decided not to offer this service as it is not a mandatory service apparently. We’ve also found that the smaller post offices are a lot more amenable and more efficient than the larger ones where there are more staff who ‘don’t know what they’re doing’! It’s always a good idea too to make a purchase when you collect, a few stamps perhaps or a greetings card to show your appreciation of their acceptance of your mail.
    Carol wide beam Still Rockin’

    • Thanks Carol, you are absolutely ‘spot on’!

      After the event…. we’ve now done the research! Guess it’s called ‘learning the hard way’ 😉

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