Wet dog in a narrow boat!

Well looks like we have missed the summer here in Yorkshire, The rain gods have taken to thoroughly washing the area. It has not stopped raining hard for 24 hours and there is more forecasted.

We are moored in a convenient spot with access to the town and country park, but with everywhere awash and the towpath under water attempts to keep the inside of the boat dry are challenging……Even more so, when needs must Rusty has to step outside. The only folk in the park are other dog owners all faced with similar problems……Joggers and baby buggies are all absent.

Returning to CYAN and avoiding transfer of rainwater and mud from the deck into the salon is a problem, add to that Rusty shaking hard to dry his coat is a nightmare! He then ventures into the boat and finds a suitable place to dry out, all 40 kgs of him…………Just hope the sun will return soon to Yorkshire…….

Looks like we will need to light the fire tonight…..ahhhh thats another story.

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