What A Glorious Spring Day!

After a grey day yesterday; waking up to beautiful sunshine is such a treat.

We’ve made today’s target, which was to moor up after Platt’s Bridge (#4), and what a great place it is to moor!

Cyan is soaking up the hot sun along her broadside, the solar panels are facing the sun full on, they are on ‘warp force’ capturing all that free electricity – currently our battery pack is on ‘float’. With 100% strength and quality for  FreeSat TV, and 3 bars of 4G, we’re cool!

Coming back down the Llangollen, we’re struck at how nature has moved on in a little less than 3 weeks.  Just had to to snap the beautiful bluebell wood as we passed (while wishing I had a better camera).

Living with this as our ‘backyard’, life is good!

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