What A Grey Day!

What a Gay Grey Day! Well I suppose we are in Nuneaton, so it would be fitting to channel tones of Larry Grayson.

Happy to see there’s been a thaw overnight, though slithers from sheets of ice are still floating in the water.

We left Springwood Haven Marina after paying our hefty invoice. Hopefully this will be the last heavy raid on our bank account for quite a while. We now need to get our finances back on track. Still, we’re very pleased with Cyan’s upgrades.

The new fridge/freezer is much noisier than the old one, and we live in hope that our subconscious mind will soon blank the humming from our ‘conscious ears’. The manufacturer, Shoreline, mentions the noise levels in their blurb, and they credit the higher sound levels to the new non-CFC gasses that are now having to be used.

We passed this cruiser while it was ‘almost’ afloat, and listing rather badly on the Coventry around about last November time. We remember there were about 10 full sheets of marine ply laying on the roof, and us thinking that perhaps the heavy weight was sinking the boat.

A couple of weeks later, we passed the cruiser again, only this time it was ‘under water’. Someone told us the owner was having ‘problems’, and he couldn’t afford to pay to have the boat salvaged/disposed of. A quote from CRT, and from the fire brigade, was in the £100s. We’re rather surprised to see the boat still submerged, and without any warning notices; warning boaters of the hazard.

Suppose this is where some of our CRT licence money is being used, removing wrecks from canals. Not sure what CRT can do to resolve this?

We’re now moored just past the CRT yard at Hartshill. Tomorrow we’ve a date with Mr Tescos, he’s bringing us a big shop, as we’re stocking up ready for our next adventure.

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