My Hermes – Probably My Hero!

What a shock to hear about the canal breach, between the first and second lock on the Middlewich Arm of the Shroppie, near to the Trent & Mersey Junction.

How lucky was the boater in that boat. What a fright he must have had and to be rescued by the police.

I understand no one was hurt, but I expect many were shocked, and a lot of boaters are inconvenienced, but really pleased there wasn’t a tragedy. Sympathies go out to those boaters who are stranded. I suppose at the moment, until the damage is assessed, it’s a case of ‘how long’s a piece of string’.

Looks like there are 15-20 stranded boats.  The breach has exposed a mass of rusty cycles, leisure batteries (Grrr!), and even a rusty handgun! The police have taken away the handgun to determine whether it’s a replica or a real one. If it’s real, then I guess a police ‘cold case’ will be wheeled out.

C&RT’s Stoppage Notice

It’s a cold cold day today! Not even Rusty wanted to go for a walk. Think we’ve been a bit spoilt by the springlike weather over the last few days – and the cold has returned with a vengeance.

What a daft duck sitting on a cold stone block. Surely she could find herself a warmer spot?

To continue with the saga of our letter that was posted to Leighton Buzzard Post Office without ‘Post Restante’ written on it. We managed to track it down to within inches away from us. Yet the Royal Mail (on Tues, 6th March) would not hand it over to us, saying it had to be returned to sender.

We complained to the Royal Mail, where we basically received ‘lip service’, and ‘rules are rules’, but we did get the ‘confession’ that ‘commonsense should have prevailed’. (Honest ‘Mi Lud’ we don’t normally make a habit of complaining, despite the ‘evidence’ lately in this blog.)

The letter was to be returned to John’s sister’s address on the 6th March, but by Saturday 10th some 5 days later, the letter still hadn’t been returned. John’s sister flew out to South Africa on the 10th for a couple of weeks, which meant there would be no one ‘at home’. Our niece who works away from home, luckily returned home this weekend, and has confirmed she’s received the letter. There’s an apologetic note from the Royal Mail saying the letter has been damaged!

Edited to say: Hermes service may not be as written below – please see next blog.

We’ve now discovered ‘My Hermes‘! How come we’ve not heard of this company before? What a brilliant concept! (Trust we’re not speaking too soon 🙂 )

Basically, our Niece will register the letter on-line, print off the delivery label, than take the letter to the nearest ‘My Hermes Point’, which happens to be a local CoOp shop just 5 minutes away from her. The letter will be delivered to the nearest ‘My Hermes Point’ to us, which is ‘The Convenience Store’ in Tring, just under a mile away. The cost being  ÂŁ2.79 , inclusive of ‘tracking’, which is about the cost of the Royal Mail Recorded Delivery paid originally.

Message to the Royal Mail: Thank you for all your past service, but it appears (that maybe) you are now no longer required!

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  1. If you have any more trouble with this letter I’ll go and get it myself for you it’ll be faster.
    P.S. love this blog good to hear about all your travels

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