What A Wet Day!

Today we’re sitting tight, it’s raining, and intermittently quite hard too. We might even light the fire later on, just to take off the damp edge.

We had a lovely stroll around the beautiful village of Gargrave yesterday, I was hoping to find the Roman ruins of Kirk Sink, a second century villa, probably built by a ‘Romanised Briton’.

What we did find; were these lovely stopping stones over the River Aire which runs through the village of Gargrave (as does the Leeds to Liverpool Canal). The stones look to be mill stones, perhaps they are mill stone rejects? Funny I can’t find any reference to the placement or the age of these stepping stones on the internet.

Just had to take a picture of the roots of this tree, it looks like the tree has grown through the wall of a building. Amazing how the roots have twisted themselves through the stones. The tree looks (to me) to be a ‘field maple’, but don’t quote me…

This picture below was taken from a bridge that is slap in the middle of Gargrave. As I said, the village is so beautiful.

6 thoughts on “What A Wet Day!

  1. Hi both. Glad you’re enjoying Gargrave, but I’m afraid the rain comes as part of the package if you’re in God’s Country…
    That’s our old stamping ground, we lived about 15 miles away before we moved onto the water. And that picture from the bridge? If you’re looking for the Romans the river crosses the old ford in the middle of the picture!
    Keep well.

    • Hi Geoff and Meg, thanks for telling us where the Roman’s were. How lucky you were to live in such a beautiful place. Funny that you are cruising the Ashby where it’s John’s neck of the woods.

      Hope you both are keeping well? We hope to be rolling tomorrow and are looking forward to getting to the top of the Pennines.

      All the best to you both, John and Jen x

  2. Hi Jenny and John hope you are both well. If you are on the Leeds to Liverpool you may pass out town of Warrington. Please tell us if you are in the area and me and Matt would love to meet up. Love sue

    • Hi Sue and Matt, fantastic to hear from you. We’ll be leaving the Leeds to Liverpool canal at Leigh where we’re we’ll be joining the Bridgewater Canal, and leaving it a Preston Brook. Here’s a map of thLe Bridgewater http://www.bridgewatercanal.co.uk/location/ please let us know where’s the best place to meet up. We’re all excited now 🙂 Would love to have a good catch up!

      Hope you both are well, have heard you met up with Marie and Brian and that you had a great time in Montemar!
      Lots of Love John and Jen xxx

  3. Omg you will pass near us. There is a pub called London Bridge Inn, 163 London road Appleton Warrington WA4 5BG which is right on the canal. Please text me on tel 07973579832 when you are in the area so we can meet you.

    • Great Brilliant!
      Will catch you then, I’ll try and give you a week’s notice
      Can’t wait to see you both
      Love xxxx

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