Where Is The Promised Sun?

We set off a little late this morning, we weren’t in any rush and it was rather a cold morning. The weather forecast had promised Rugeley to be in full sunshine for several hours from 9 this morning. Somehow that never materialised. It was about 11 when we eventually pulled Cyan away from the towpath, wearing several layers to keep ourselves cosy against the cold and damp

We had no plans where we were going to moor, except Shugborough Hall was going to be as far as we intended to travel.

Christmas Decorations being carefully dismantled (someone likes Christmas)
We don’t often see ‘speed cameras’ on the canals 🙂

Poor Christina Collins! Apparently, she was murdered by 3 bargemen. Christina, aged 37 was a paid passenger on the barge, she was going to London to be with her husband. Perhaps her story has been embellished over the years, though apparently she was raped and murdered by the 3 bargemen, a 4th man was aquitted of the crime.

Two of them were hung, Capt. Owen and George Thomas, the third, William Ellis was transported. The fourth member of the crew, a young teenage boy named Musson, was cleared and released.More information

Christina Collins’ Grave in the local churchyard

Rumour has it: “The aqueduct that’s next to the steps where her body was carried, is supposedly haunted by a woman in a pale dress, her face frightened but defiant… “

Brindley Bank Aqueduct over the River Trent
Here’s where we moored, right next to the Aqueduct…. “Should we be worried about the lady in the pale dress?

Today we’ve travelled just under 2 miles.

Depending on how we feel, we might be staying here for the weekend, the internet is brilliant, which is always a good excuse.

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