WiFi Doing The OkieKokie – In-Out-In-Out RaRaRa!

We didn’t move again yesterday owing to high cold winds, and of course John wanted to watch ‘Le Mans 24’.

Sadly the Internet and TV reception at our Fotheringhay mooring was very poor resulting in John missing most of ‘Le Mans 24’, and Sunday’s World Cup games. I am sure he will catch up at the first opportunity! But it was frustrating and disappointing when our Internet connection kept failing.  Still, I did manage to find enough bandwidth to catch up with our blog diary.

When we left our mooring this morning, at about 11:00 am., we still had strong winds, except today the wind was much warmer, and we were soon stripped to t-shirts once again.

We didn’t bother filling our water tank from the waterpoint nearby to where we were moored in Fotheringhay, as it looked like the tap hadn’t been used for a while, though it probably wouldn’t be a problem if we let the tap run for a time. I’m a martyr (or John is) to my foibles….  We did manage to fill the water tank at the EA water point at Yarwell Lock landing. The water flow from the tap was very strong, therefore we were soon topped up. The flower pots also got a good watering, something we’d not be able to do easily at the side of the river bank. Cyan also got a quick splash from the powerful jet to rinse off dust.

Within yards of where we were moored, are the ruins of Fotheringhay Castle; we snapped them as we cruised past.

The last bit of Fotheringhay Castle standing!

It’s believed the castle stood on top of the mound, with a moat surrounding it.

Posh houses with private moorings, ‘Dallas on the Nene’

Wansford Lock being prepared

Leaving Wansford Lock

‘Wansford In England’ a very pretty village!

There’s a local tale (from the time of Charles I) about a certain person called ‘Warnabee’ who arrived in the parish fleeing from the plague. He was so scared of catching the plague that he refused to sleep in local Inns, he preferred to sleep on top of a haystack in a meadow by the river. During the night while he was asleep the river rose sharply due to a storm upstream, and the haystack floated away down the Nene. However it was stopped when it became wedged in the buttresses of the old bridge. The next morning, when he woke he asked where he was. On being told he was in Wansford, and being confused on how far he’d travelled, he replied, “What Wansford in England?” Since then it appears the name has stuck.

The local people obviously have a great sense of humour as their 13th century inn, ‘The Swan’ was renamed ‘The Haycock’ to commemorate Barnabee’s voyage.

Wansford Arch Bridge and our tub in bloom.

Dated 1796

Low electric cables across the Nene

John got really excited when he spied the WiFi mast. It’s quite near to where we’re hoping to moor. If there’s no TV signal, then TV can be picked up via the Internet. Anyone would think there’s a big footie match on tonight!

John preparing for the England vs Tunisia football match. ” Cry God for Harry and St George…Come on England”

Hope the ‘locals’ are friendly. they also came to watch the game!

We made a slight mistake with our proposed mooring. Our guidebook mentioned there were moorings before the bridge. We couldn’t find the mooring, but we did manage to moor alongside the Nene Pathway before the bridge. If only we’d had faith, and gone through the bridge, we would have come to the moorings by ‘Nene Valley Railway’ station. Not to worry, we’ll stay here tonight, and move first thing in the morning to take a look around the station.

Today we’ve travelled just over 9 miles, and through 4 locks.

2 thoughts on “WiFi Doing The OkieKokie – In-Out-In-Out RaRaRa!

  1. The pontoon at Wansford station is great. I was stuck there for 6 days at the end of April when the river went into flood! Rise and fall pontoon and even has a locked gate access 🙂
    Cheers, John NB Samsara

    • Thanks for the reply John, a narrowboat and butty has taken up all the pontoon presently. We’ve decided to stay where we are today in the hope the pontoon maybe will become free tomorrow. The boat and butty must have arrived late last evening, as at 7:30 last night the pontoon was clear. Our next port of call will be Overton Lake / Ferry Meadows. Then from there we’ll call Stanground lock keeper for a passage through the lock. Best regards, Jen

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