Wish The Weather Would Make Up Its Mind!

Poor Cyan’s had a bit of a hard life since the Spring. She took several nasty bumps to the left cant rail when going through 2 tunnels on the Llangollen, and more recently, when going through Standedge Tunnel the side got badly scratched within the decorative paintwork.

So on Friday, seeing the weather forecast predicted fine weather for a couple of days, I thought it was a good time to do some repair work. Friday saw me busy with sandpaper, red-oxide primer, and a role of masking tape. I sanded the damaged areas, getting down to the bare metal, and roughly sanded ‘good’ paint areas to make a key for new paint. Where there was bare metal, I gave the area two coats of primer, and I covered the red coach stripe with masking tape, protecting it from the blue paint I’ll be using.

John removed the three loops on the top of the gunnel that gave us a problem in a lock last week, leaving an area that needed primer and painting.

Then the heavens opened, which wasn’t supposed to happen according to BBC Weather, and the Weather Network’s websites.

Rusty’s not the only one fed up with rain either!

Yesterday morning the weather was glorious, and the canal looked ethereal due to a mist rising over the water. It didn’t take long thanks to strong sunshine, for Cyan to dry.

After I painted the blue cant rail, up to the masking tape that was over the coach stripe, I pulled off the tape, and was ‘blank blank’ annoyed to find the masking tape was taking off some of the paint underneath. It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Fast forward several hours, and red, blue, black and off-white paint pots and brushes. The whole fiddly mess was sorted! I even got a “Well Done” from he that doesn’t do painting.

On top of that, Rusty got to have some fun too.

You can’t really see Cyan, but trust me, she’s moored at the other side of the field. It feels very odd to watch boats (seemingly) glide through a field.

The pic below shows a bit of canal history, the post is positioned on a bend, and was used to help horses pull boats round a hard bend. There’s evidence on the post of rope burn grooves.

Wild flowers galore along the banks. I even saw a huge hare last evening, he was massive!

Apparently, today there’s a Grand Prix in Austria, a test match at Lords, plus I’m sure there’s a tennis player John can support at Wimbledon, which means we’ll be staying put for another day!

We’ve a plan to move through the three Greenberfield locks tomorrow. Once through we’ll be on the summit!

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