With Each New Year Comes A New Crop of Resolutions

Firstly, ‘Happy New Year!’ one and all!

In case you’ve not guessed, one of my new resolutions is to keep up our diary/blog. As I’ve not maintained the site for a while, I’ve had to delete over 1500 spam comments, and learn the new upgraded version of WordPress. All maintence completed, I’m vowing to keep on blogging.

We’ve let our on-line diary run away from us over the last few months. Since then we’ve wasted far too much time backtracking, trying to remember where we were and what we were doing on a specific date, during the ‘non-diary’ months.

Since our last post,

  • We headed up from the Grand Union until we reached Braunston,
  • At Braunston we headed towards Wigrams Marina.
  • Turning around again to go back to Braunston
  • We turned left onto the Oxford Canal
  • Stopped at Rugby while we re-vamped the bathroom (see pic below)
  • Onwards we cruised towards Sutton Stop
  • Turned right onto the Coventry Canal,
  • We then turned onto the Ashby, going as far as Snarestone tunnel
  • At the tunnel, we winded Cyan and continued back towards Hinckley
  • At Hinckley, we hired a car to attend a family funeral
  • Back onto the Coventry, and down the Atherstone Flight
  • We turned right at Fazeley
  • Then at the end of the Coventry, we turned right at Fradley onto the Trent and Mersey Canal
  • We spent a few days at Barton Turn Marina and thought it would be a great place to spend Dec/Jan/Feb. So while we were there we booked the mooring.
  • We popped out of the Marina for a few weeks, cruising as far as Swarkstone Lock where we turned Cyan around.
  • We returned to Barton Turn Marina on a very rainy 1st December.
  • Just before Christmas, we realised we’d made a big mistake. We were feeling ‘cooped in, suffering cabin fever’ despite our lovely neighbours. So we decided to move on 1st January 2019.
Before and after pic of the Bathroom revamp

Yesterday, 1st January, we left the marina after a Tesco delivery, filling up with water, and dismantling the Christmas tree. We had a bit of a shock when we studied the ‘Winter Maintenance Schedule’ and found we shouldn’t dawdle as Keeper’s Lock near Fradley Junction was scheduled to be closed for 6 weeks on 3rd January.

Trent and Mersey Canal

One of the first ‘things’ we noticed as we left the marina, back onto the canal system, was the lovely bird songs. Two blackbirds were singing on top form, as was a Thrush, and quite a few robins. Heaven! We didn’t realise what we were missing while in the marina.

At the top of Keeper’s lock we moored for the rest of the day, and of course the night (well there were three football games on….)

This morning before we left our mooring, we watched C&RT Contactors gathering materials and barricades ready for tomorrow’s start on the lock. We were a bit concerned though, of the 4 boats we met at the locks yesterday, two of them didn’t realise the lock was going to be closed, and both needed to return within the week. Unless they do a quick turnaround, they are going to be stuck on the ‘wrong’ side of the lock for 6 or so weeks :(.

After climbing up three locks, we’ve moored at Handsacre Visitor Moorings.

We’ve cruised through these parts several times, but not for over a year, and we’re a bit uncertain as to whether Rusty remembers he’s been here before.

Today we’ve travelled 4 miles and through 4 locks.