Wondering If We’ll Get Any Sleep Tonight!

We waited for the rain to stop before we set off this morning. The rain stopped right on que as predicted by the Met Office.

We’d just dropped down our first lock (Top Side Lock #56), when a boat approached behind us. We pushed off to set the next lock for the two boats. Luckily a huge wide beam was just coming out of the lock, and we sailed in. We waited a short time in the lock for the other boat, owned by a lovely couple, to join us.

It was great, we had companions to drop down the following locks together, sharing the work.

There was no point taking many photos, because the sunshine was missing today, it was a very grey day.

Daffodils are just about in full bloom.

We moored just before Boxmoor Bottom Lock (#64), though we did try to moor before Station Road Bridge, but we couldn’t get into the side because of silting. Wish we hadn’t tried as it took us several minutes to manoeuvre Cyan’s bow out of the silt where she was stuck.

The towpath is sodden, and the mud is black and loamy, which isn’t great when you’ve a big hairy dog that needs to go for walks.

Just across the way is a travelling circus, it’s about 100 metres away from where we’re moored. At the time of writing, they’re setting up their entertainment music. Now we’re wondering what’s in store for us tonight? We slept soundly last night, despite being about 50 metres away from 2 train tracks that was busy carrying goods and passengers. But the base of the music from the circus is vibrating through our boat, making us feel we’re sitting inside a drum!  They’ve got a sound system that would rival Anfield. I’m not keen on circuses for obvious reasons, tonight I might be cursing them. OMG am I really getting old 🙁

Time to fezz up; I haven’t mention my today’s ‘senior moment’, if I didn’t John said he would snitch on me. At our last lock of the day, I was distracted by a boat that wanted to come up the lock, then I watched our ‘companion boat’ enter the lock, and I started to close the gate. A ‘manic’ shout from John woke me up, he’d just lined Cyan up to enter the lock, when I started to closed the gate, Cyan had momentum and couldn’t stop (no brakes on a narrowboat!). I moved quick to push the gate open again. Luckily the gate opened with barely an inch to spare, and disaster was diverted! It was one of those moments that appeared to be in slow motion, and we all let out a breath of air when Cyan missed the gate! Phew!

Funnily enough, today we’ve had a text alert from C&RT Kennet & Avon, it appears navigation has stopped because of a boat causing chaos:

Today we’ve cruised 2.7 miles, and through 8 locks.

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