Wondering What Happened To The Sun?

We decided yesterday to have a day off from cruising, the wind was still strong, and had decided to come from the North.  It was nice to be lazy!

Despite the sun not coming out to play today, we had the idea to cruise to Lyme Retail Park where there was a ‘Pets at Home’ store right next to the canal, which had ‘Vets For Pets’ within the store.  Rusty will be going into kennels for a spell in July, so the idea was to get him checked out by their vet and have him brought up to date with his injections.

Before we left our mooring, we said ‘good bye’ to our cutest neighbours, Mr & Mrs Goose and their brood of adorable goslings.

Unfortunately when we got to the place where we planned to moor for the retail park, by Danes Moss Bridge (#46), we couldn’t get into the side of the canal to moor.  John said he thought it was due the Macclesfield Canal being cut in a ‘V’ shape, and silting up over the years of course.

We had no option but to abandon our plans and cruise on towards, and through Macclesfield.

Think this plant is a marsh marigold.  The first time I spotted this plant (I think) this year.

Amazing how high we were cruising, and how wonderful are those views!



There were no locks to handle today, but there was a swing bridge.  It was one of those where you used the C&RT key, and by pressing the ‘go’ button; traffic lights starts working, the barriers drop, and then the bridge starts to turn.  I’m afraid we held up two cars and two cyclists. John worked the bridge, while I steered Cyan through the small access.  As I waited for John to jump back on Cyan, I couldn’t help but snap this ‘old boot’, it’s now on a scrap heap, but no doubt it was a wonderful and loving gift some Dad or Granddad made.  Obviously the child had grown out of imagining she was one of the ‘Old Woman’s children’.


Cruising through Macclesfield, the bridges and the beautiful stone walls didn’t disappoint.




This lovely bridge looks to have been build half for the barge horses to swap over the towpath, and half for a roadway.



We snapped lots of cute babies….



Here is ‘The Hovis Flour Mill’, now sympathetically converted into flats, at the foot of the mill is Swetttenham Street Maintenance Yard.


Just after the mill and under Buxton Road Bridge (#37) we moored at a brilliant spot, with Cyan having her own pontoon, we’re allowed to moor 3 days here if we want!


John took a little walk round the corner with Rusty, and discovered the start of our next days journey.



The mooring isn’t far from a Co Op, and as we only had 4 onions left and no fruit, it was high time we restocked before we got scurvy. Our plan is stay put tomorrow, and make another journey tomorrow, and possibly another on Monday, to the Co Op shop to replenish stocks.

No locks, and one swing bridge today. We cruised just over 5 miles.  We’ve got fantastic WiFi of 56 Mg.

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